SIM COUPE, SAMDISK und die grooooossen Festplatten !

Sam Coupe
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SIM COUPE, SAMDISK und die grooooossen Festplatten !

Beitrag von dhucke » 09.04.2015, 15:57

Hallo Leute,
nachdem SAMDISK von Simon Owen aktualisiert und gepatched wurde (anderer Thread ist dazu vorhanden), habe ich ihn angeschrieben, weil der Emulator SIM COUPE die grossen Festplatten , bzw Records ab 5244 nicht angezeigt hatte.

Seine Antwort war für mich sehr überraschend, ich will nicht alles übersetzen, nur kurz zusammengefasst soll man ein neues leeres Festplattenimage mit SAM DISK anlegen, mit SIM COUPE formatieren, und mit dem Befehl

SAMDISK hd-alt.hdf hd-neu.hdf --resize

die Inhalte der alten Festplatte übertragen. Konnte es noch nicht probieren, aber nachfolgend zur Info schon mal Simons EMail :

Hi Dieter,

Thanks for the updated details.

The builds of SimCoupe and SAMdisk you're using should have the same code for geometry calculations. That suggests the differences are in BDOS itself, perhaps between how the original Atom BDOS and new Atom Lite BDOS perform calculations. I know the calculations are slightly different, but most disks will remain compatible -- yours seems to be an exception! Could you please send me a disk image for the version of BDOS you're using to access Wolfgang's HDF image? I'll reverse-engineer the
calculations it makes, to see if I can find the source of the problem...

I think it may be possible to work around the problem using the following steps:

1) Create a new 8GB HDF image using: SAMdisk create new.hdf 8400
2) Open new.hdf in SimCoupe as an Atom disk
3) Boot BDOS and format all records on the new HDF image
4) Close SimCoupe
5) Copy your old HDF image to the new HDF container using: SAMdisk disk_1.hdf new.hdf --resize
6) Open new.hdf in SimCoupe, and try to access records after 5243

The idea is to use BDOS to format the new HDF image, so the initial structure is guaranteed to be compatible. SAMdisk will use this structure when copying the content to it, so the final output should also be compatible. If possible, I'd also highly recommend moving from Atom to Atom Lite, as the version of BDOS is newer and it correctly
supports disks over 8GB. To do that you'll need to select Atom Lite as the Drive 2 type in SimCoupe and use AL-BDOS for the formatting step.
I have an image named "al-bdos-18-03-2012.dsk", which contains the latest build from Edwin. I haven't tested all those steps above, so please let me know if you have any problems.

Best regards,


On 01/04/2015 17:52, Dieter Hucke wrote:
> dear simon,
> i have found your new version of samdisk.exe version 3.8.7 and had
> immediately rembered our discussion a year ago, whre i told you that
> the emulator SIM COUPE is not able to read records above 5234
> That new samdisk is now working perfect, i have that harddisk with
> wolfgang hallers files and was trying to copy them with samdisk to te
> PC. That worked. Thank you so much for it!! Now we have a good copy of
> that harddisk.
> Next i tried to get SIMCOUPE to work with that hdf image. I did the
> following:
> Connecting Hardisk to PC
> samdisk list
> (gave a list where 2 was the SAM Harddisk, fully correct recognized
> with 10321 records)
> samdisk 2 disk_1.hdf
> After copying i had the image the PC Harddisk, records are shown
> correctly
> SAMDISK can read those records, for example
>> samdisk list disk_1.hdf:6000
> lists record 6000 properly
> SIMCOUPE can open records until 5243, records from 5244 upwards are
> not readable,it says "invalid record"
> So it seems like SIMCOUPE has to be patched same way as SAMDISK?
> Please tell me what i can do for it?
> regards, and again thank you for that SAMDISK, its really a very good tool !
> dieter
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Re: SIM COUPE, SAMDISK und die grooooossen Festplatten !

Beitrag von schombi » 09.04.2015, 19:01

Interessant. Danke Dieter! Da muss ich, wenn mal wieder etwas Zeit ist, in Ruhe drüber gehen.

Simon ist wirklich ein prima Typ.