Neue Version von SimCoupe

Sam Coupe
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Neue Version von SimCoupe

Beitrag von schombi » 10.04.2015, 07:24

Auch ich war in Kontakt mit Simon Owen und er hat Wort gehalten, mit dem was wir besprochen hatten. Fast 9 Jahre nach dem Release der 1.0er Version wird es jetzt "public builds" geben. Somit kann man jetzt auf die Version 1.1 Alpha runterladen. Klasse!!!

Hi Stefan,

It's taken me a while to sort it out, but I've flushed out my pending commits, and pushed the SimCoupe source code to GitHub. That puts it in a good position to do occasional public builds to track what I'm working on. I've just created the first release here:

I've only built a Windows version, but that's likely to be what most people want. You're welcome to share that with anyone that might be interested, and I'm happy to have any feedback (positive and negative), as well as bug reports. :)

Best regards,


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Re: Neue Version von SimCoupe

Beitrag von schombi » 10.04.2015, 14:43

Zu meiner Überraschung hat die neue Version sogar SID Emulation. Ein *.dsk Image mit über 30 Tracks gibts auf zum Download

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Re: Neue Version von SimCoupe

Beitrag von dhucke » 10.04.2015, 15:04

Für mich ist es total klasse, daß die beiden ATOM / ATOM lite jetzt auch master/slave erlauben wie beim echten SAM. Du kannst also zB eine physikalische HD als Master, und dein HDF Diskimage als Slave anmelden und Records kopieren :)

Für einen SAM User ist SIM COUPE absolut wertvoll!

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Re: Neue Version von SimCoupe

Beitrag von schombi » 16.04.2015, 07:30

Hier noch der Changelog: ... cation=ufi

Version 1.1 alpha 1 (2015-04-09)

- Added tape loading from TAP/TZX/CSW files, with flash and trap features
- Added SID interface emulation with traditional 6581 or newer 8580 chip
- Added video recording to AVI (MS-RLE) or GIF, and audio recording to WAV
- Added support for Atom Lite+ interface with installed DALLAS chip
- Added persistent DALLAS NVRAM (8K) support
- Added support for Blue Alpha Sampler, SAMVoc and Paula DACs
- Added support for Velesoft Kempston joystick interface
- Added manual speed control between 50% and 1000%
- Added ROM-based auto-typing of clipboard text [Win32]
- Added D3D9 [Win32] and SDL2 [Mac and Linux] accelerated video support
- Added ROM symbol support to debugger, with user symbols from <disk1>.map
- Added command-line input mode mode to debugger for more complex commands
- Added execution, memory access, I/O, and interrupt breakpoints
- Added pulsing dot at current raster position when debugger is active
- Added code tracing feature, showing path leading to current instruction
- Added timing measurement to aid consistent comparison of code alternatives
- Added support for runtime RAM and ROM configuration changes without reset
- Added complete ATTR port (FF) emulation, used by some Spectrum software
- Added undocumented bit 3+5 flag behaviour to SCF/CCF
- Added optional NMOS/CMOS Z80 support, for OUT (C),0/255 difference
- Added automatic keyboard layout switching when Spectrum ROM is present
- Added LBA28, 8-bit mode, and slave support to ATA device emulation
- Added HDF v1.1 support, with extended IDENTIFY fields
- Added SAMDiskHelper support for non-admin access to HDD/CF devices [Win32]
- Added per-user settings with portable mode for legacy behaviour [Win32]

- Fixed NMI erroneously clearing IFF2
- Fixed missing R increment on interrupt acknowledgement
- Fixed HEPR bug which could lead to an invalid paging configuration
- Fixed video re-sync audio glitches by syncing to audio clock instead
- Fixed intensity of border artefacts, which were previously too bright
- Fixed DAC sample origin not being zero, which reduced playback quality
- Fixed SAMDAC/EDDAC to only output new samples when strobed
- Fixed output from simultaneous use of DACs on both parallel ports
- Fixed FDC registers not being writable without a disk in the drive
- Fixed FDC multi-sector reading, which caused SAM Mines disk error
- Fixed FDC to use 2 bit size codes, matching WD17xx behaviour
- Fixed corruption in SBT images over 400K due to repeated directory sector
- Fixed invalid CHS geometry on disks over 8GB
- Fixed data import/export sometimes clipping to 16K
- Fixed failed writes to HDD/CF volumes under Vista or later [Win32]

- Changed full-screen option to use the current/native display mode
- Changed window click to capture mouse only if SAM software is using it
- Changed options to use larger and simplified property pages [Win32]
- Changed SBT virtual images to contain auto-executing code files
- Changed built-in SAMDOS2 image to enable drive 2 and disable border flash
- Changed debugger to use hex input by default, matching displayed values

- Removed support for Win9x and W2K due to limited API and tool support
- Removed support for SDF and TD0 disk images, and SAD image creation
- Removed SD-IDE and YAMOD.ATBUS interfaces, and Atom boot ROM patching
- Removed support for user-defined function key mappings [Win32]
- Removed support for real printer devices [Win32]