SR #26

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SR #26

Beitrag von schombi » 13.02.2018, 07:30

Die Vorfreude steigt. Nach langer Ankündigung deutet sich nun die Veröffentlichung von SAM Revival #26 an. Von Colin liest man:
SAM Revival 26...

It's coming, it's coming. With a fresh look as the issue has been designed from the ground up for the new full colour printing, with a stunning cover by Warren Lee (of which a teeny tiny piece is visible in the banner above!).

The coverdisk will be featuring one new game and one re-release, plus several other demos and utilities - including a new boot block to install if you use the Trinity Ethernet Interface and the Auto BOOT ROM - this will let you automatically BOOT from a RECORD after B-DOS has been loaded in.

Inside the issue is a heck of a lot of news to catch up on what has been in the works since the last issue. Reviews of a new SAM game, plus previews of two more, one of which is going to be very eggciting and may make you dizzy with anticipation! The Developer Diary is packed with information on even more games in development. There's a new demoscene section, plus several more feature articles and all the usual regular sections too. There'll also be a lot of coverage of my next SAM interface, Symbiote. The issue is looking to be over 64 pages in size, all wrapped up in full colour professionally printed magazine.
Über kann man, wenn man nicht sowieso schon eine Pre-Order getätigt hat, bestellen.