1K tic-tac-toe using the 4K ROM

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1K tic-tac-toe using the 4K ROM

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The ZX80 is a pretty amazing machine, in that I'm amazed that I could get it to do anything useful. So, recently I tried to develop a tic-tac-toe game for it. My effort (for those who haven't seen it on the SinclairZXWorld forums) is attached to this thread.

I have since thought of a few ways to save some valuable bytes so that -

1) there is about a 50% chance of the computer going first;
2) I can slightly improve the AI of the computer player (slightly improve as in there is currently no AI); &&
3) I can slightly reduce the bit of the program checks if anyone has won yet.

But, my reckoning is that you guys will know better than I do, so please feel free to look at my listing and advise me if you have the time to.

I also had a thought that I could call the 'end of program' bit of the ROM (where it waits for a key press before returning to direct mode) within a program in place of using INPUT. Would this work? IE, if I called that particular bit of the ROM, will it continue my program, or exit to direct mode?

Many thanks for your help,

tic-tac-toe without expansions
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