Programming snippets @ Stack Exchange.

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Programming snippets @ Stack Exchange.

Beitrag von Shaun_B » 31.03.2017, 18:23

Hello ZX80 gurus,

I have entered several 'Code Golf' threads on Stack Exchange, but with BASIC entries for the ZX80 (4K ROM).

The code snippets might be of interest to novice programmers like myself, but I thought that I'd share them anyway:

Count up folks!
Add two numbers
Division and remainder
Multiply two numbers

And two for the ZX81 (or ZX80 with 'new' ROM) that might be of interest:

Is it even or odd?
No strings (or numbers) attached

As one might imagine, Code Golf on a machine like the ZX80 makes for a more interesting challenge over these modern languages that can apparently do wonderful things in a few bytes.



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Re: Programming snippets @ Stack Exchange.

Beitrag von PokeMon » 31.03.2017, 19:45

Personally I try to develop smart code but not smallest code possible with dirty tricks like these challenges.
So nothing special I could do for it. :wink:
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