ZX80-Seite von Grant Searle "überarbeitet"

Peter Liebert-Adelt
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ZX80-Seite von Grant Searle "überarbeitet"

Beitrag von Peter Liebert-Adelt » 06.07.2011, 21:45

Ich habe heute die folgende Mail von Grant Searle bekommen, die ich Euch nicht vorenthalten möchte.
Ganz besonders weil es sich um eine sehr interessante ZX80-Seite handelt:

Hi Peter.

It's been a LONG time (is it really 10 years!) since I contacted you last.
Glad to see the ZX things are still ongoing.

I noticed on your ZX80 page and the webring that you have an old URL:

Please can you update the link to point to the updated URL here:

If you haven't seen it for a while then I think you will find it
drastically changed.
I now, after a lot of painstaking work, produced the complete (and very
accurate to the original) ZX80 PCB artwork (tracks, silkscreen etc) on
there which I and others have built from, and there are also pictures of
the build, from the bare board, through etching to the final replica ZX80.

Also on there is my description on how the ZX80 circuitry works.

Also, the NMI generator (ZX80 to ZX81 slow mode) conversion is linked from
there, but you can go directly here...
http://home.micros.users.btopenworld.co ... 80nmi.html

Best regards.