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'Sketchy' - An online screen design program

Verfasst: 03.04.2018, 19:27
von SirMorris
Greetings zeddy friends!

I needed a screen designer so I made this.

Its use should be fairly obvious, as it has context sensitive help.* I hope you find it useful. I made it online so Mac/Linux/Windows users all get the same experience.

If you make anything using it I would be thrilled to see it!

Best wishes


* My sincere apologies to those who do not speak English. If someone wishes to provide translated text I would be happy to make a German language version though!

Re: 'Sketchy' - An online screen design program

Verfasst: 04.04.2018, 11:50
von SirMorris
Updated with undo/redo.

I think that's probably it.