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Re: Spectrum NEXT Tips&Tricks

Beitrag von Luzie » 23.07.2018, 18:01

Von FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/specnex ... 985507058/

David Saphier - Moderator · Gestern um 01:48

NextBuild v1 - Beta! Aka testing! (and unofficial!)

Hi, this is a collection of excellent tools rolled into one to help you get started on the Next.

What does it contain?

Boriel's ZX Basic (ZXB) - A PC based language which resembles ZX Basic but allows SUBs/FUNcs inline ASM and a bunch of other features and is SUPER fast. By @ Jose Rodriguez

LCD's BorIDE - An integrated editor designed for Boriel's ZXB By Daniel Chmielewski

CSpect - One of the premiere ZX Spectrun Next emulators By Mike Dailly

Fuse - Probably the fastest and most reliable ZX Spectrum emulator by Philip Kendall

This collection has a bunch of scripts that allows you to open BorIDE and edit your program, build with F9 and then launches the code in CSpect.

Cobbled scripts by Me.

As mentioned ZXB lets you use inline ASM so creating macros and includes to control the Next hardware is easily done as well as being very much like ZX Basic but much much faster! There is a whole wiki dedicated to ZXB http://boriel.com/wiki/en/index.php/ZXBasic

This is a beta release of the collection, so really to iron out any issues with the scripts.


Extract the rar file to a drive, go into the folder and double click Launch.exe. This kickstart the programs, close CSpect if it launches. You should now see BorIDE

You need to edit the compiler file, so in BorIDE, select menu option Project / BorIDE settings - on the window that opens click the compiler tab, then the "..." to the right hand side as in the first picture attached - this opens a file selector, browse to the folder NextBuild is in and then go into Scripts folder and select compiler.exe

Click OK

Now you should be able to click Open (top left folder open icon) and load in a file from the Sources folder where you extract the archive to, try Chicken/NextSprites.bas

Once loaded you can press F9 to compiled and launch, you should see what is in the last pic.

**You can make this work for Fuse only by clicking the option "Array Check" on the right hand side but obviously Next stuff wont work in Fuse!**

Always start new programs at 24576 as that is where the SNA is built in SNASM to run from in CSpect.

Let me know how you get on!


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Re: Spectrum NEXT Tips&Tricks

Beitrag von schombi » 24.07.2018, 09:14

Auf http://nextdaw.biasillo.com/ kann man jetzt NextDAW vorbestellen.

Code: Alles auswählen

Gone are the days of clunky, programmer-centric trackers.  NextDAW is a reimagining of a modern Digital Audio
Workstation for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next.  Supporting three AY-3-8910 sound chips, giving a total of nine channel
audio to create your latest musical masterpiece!  The integrated patch editor can create a wide range of music
instruments and sound effects. Use the piano roll editor supports editing of notes using the mouse, step recording,
or realtime recording using the computer keyboard. The Arranger is used to quickly and efficiently create your
Ob der Preis gerechtfertigt ist, wird sich zeigen müssen, aber Gari Biasillo ist ja schon ein bekannter Name.

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Re: Spectrum NEXT Tips&Tricks

Beitrag von Luzie » 04.02.2019, 18:29

Gerade bei FB gesehen, vielleicht braucht das jemand mal zu möglichst kompletten Abschalten des Onboard-Kempston / OnBoard-divMMC:

===== SCHNIPP =====
Garry Lancaster You certainly need to avoid anything using the internal DivMMC interface and ROM/RAM paging. To do this, turn the "DivMMC" setting to "OFF" in the main settings at boot and select either 48K or 128K Spectrum in the menu. Don't select NextZXOS since this will use the DivMMC ROM/RAM regardless of the boot settings.

Garry Lancaster You may also need to try the following OUTs to fully disable the internal Kempston, DivMMC paging and SPI ports:
OUT 9275,9:OUT 9531,12

Robin Verhagen-Guest Btw: when setting a nextreg with 9275/9531 from BASIC, it’s important to always do it on the same line with a colon like Garry has here

Peter Ped Helcmanovsky in classic 48k BASIC it's OK on multiple lines maybe? But not sure if already in 128k or just in Next BASIC, the I/O gets reselected to one of the MMU registers all the time.

Robin Verhagen-Guest Good point, it’s probably ok in classic 48K BASIC.

Garry Lancaster Yes, the colon is required when in NextBASIC, since this changes the current nextreg frequently (for memory paging etc). 48K BASIC will be fine without.
===== SCHNAPP =====

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Re: Spectrum NEXT Tips&Tricks

Beitrag von Luzie » 06.10.2019, 15:49

Ein kleines Video (englischsprachig) zur Assembler Programmierung "Hello World" in 256 Farben für den SpecNext Emulator "ZEsarUX":

ChibiAkumas: "Spectrum NEXT programming introduction - Z80 Assembly": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRx0UCgaxU4