TK PIE / ZX-Pie Interface für den ZX Spectrum

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TK PIE / ZX-Pie Interface für den ZX Spectrum

Beitrag von dhucke » 22.12.2017, 15:01

Von Victor Trucco gibts ein Interface, welches den "echten" Spectrum mit dem Raspberry PI verbindet. Es handet sich nicht um ein NEXT Interface.
Die Unterlagen mit Fotos, Schaltplan und Software sind auf der 8Bit-Wiki abgelegt: ... FTK-PIE%2F

Bitte die Readme lesen, dort stehen auch die Hinweise zur grundlegenden Funktionsweise und der ULA Plus Funktion.

Auszug aus der README:
# TK-Pie (a.k.a. ZX-Pie)

### A interface to connect a Raspberry Pi to ZX-Spectrum and clones.

TK-Pie is a baremetal OS, and Linux is NOT REQUIRED. It boot in less than one second!

### How it works

The interface listen for writes in ZX Spectrum VRAM and generate the video at Pi's HDMI output. You can connect your Speccy in any modern monitor or TV!
But you not only add a new awesome video output with digital quality, but also the support for ULAplus. This feature was created by Andrew Owen and add new colors to the ZX Spectrum and there are already several games that support this mode.

The key to achieve this "video conversion" is to use a "latch" to hold the last value written in Spectrum memory and a FIQ (Fast Interrupt Request) in Pi environment to rapidly respond to all write requests. But we also need a way to convert the TTLs 5V signals from Spectrum to 3.3V required by Pi inputs. So, we can solve both problems at same time, using a CPLD. It will act as a "middleman" latching the data and serving as 3.3V to Pi.
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