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Re: ZX Omni

Beitrag von siggi » 26.01.2019, 08:50

Hi Superfo
I have a lot of questions about OMNI in ZX81 mode.

I am a ZX81 user, not Speccy! I have developed a fast MMC interface for ZX81 and have written code to store ZX81 data on it, using MEFISDOS or a FAT32 file system on MMC. Thus for me RS-232 is nice to have, but a mass storing device, usable for ZX81is mandatory :wink:
I could port MEFISDOS (and FAT32 drivers) to Omni, if I could "talk" directly to the MMC card at byte level. How could I do that using OMNI?

Maybe it would be easier to use the built in DivMMC (or some of its subroutines)? Does it also work with ZX81 (having a different memory mapping)?

Does OMNI-ZX81support features of "modern" Zeddies? Machine code above 32K? HIres? UDG?
And "modern" ZX81 often have at least 56K ram. Possible at OMNI?

And how can I reprogram the ZX81 rom? I want to use the latest Roms (made by ZSOLT), runnig twice as fast as the standard Sinclair rom.
Must they be patched to run with Omni (LOAD/SAVE)?

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Re: ZX Omni

Beitrag von Paul » 26.01.2019, 11:19

superfo hat geschrieben:
26.01.2019, 02:25
Paul hat geschrieben:
25.01.2019, 10:49
Der Entwickler ist superfoo.
Es ist eine Erweiterung des Harlekin (Nuvo) der Omni sollte eigentlich die SMD Variante des Nuvo werden.
Ich habe mit ihm gemailt. Er ist nicht auskunftsfreudig, dokumentiert nicht und antwortet auf Mails oft gar nicht oder nach Monaten und wiederholte Nachfragen.

I remember I never got any email asking about ZX Omni, usually I reply every mail.
Here is document for ZX Omni
https://onedrive.live.com/?id=E0ADBB58A ... 58ADB8D869
Basically it is ZX Nuvo but use SMD device and add battery.
I check this forum (but not everyday), you can ask any question here or send me email.

If you need rs-232, here is Superfo Harlequin 128 issue 3B
https://onedrive.live.com/?id=E0ADBB58A ... 58ADB8D869
My apologies for insulting you. I must have mixed this up. Now I remember having mailed with you about the Nuvo which was informative and very convenient.
I am sorry.
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Re: ZX Omni

Beitrag von tofro » 26.01.2019, 14:29

tofro hat geschrieben:
14.10.2018, 00:31
Was ganz anderes: Hat von euch schon mal jemand versucht, den Omni auf Esxdos 0.8.6 zu updaten? Wie macht man das?
Ich hab's rausgefunden: Oh Wunder, 0.86 ist schon drauf ;) DIP-Schalter 5 auf "Off" und eine esxDOS-0.86 SD-Karte aus dem Starterpack reingesteckt, geht!

Manchmal kann es so einfach sein!

(Ich weiss nicht, ob es denn die neueste 0.86 ist, die bei mir drauf ist - Ich glaube, es ist noch eine frühere Beta. Bis jetzt aber keine gravierenden Fehler festgestellt)

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Re: ZX Omni

Beitrag von superfo » 26.01.2019, 21:12

Hi siggi,

For ZX81 mode, it is ROM from
http://www.fruitcake.plus.com/Sinclair/ ... w_ZX81.htm
It is ZX81 emulator on ZX Spectrum 128, not original ZX81 ROM. I don't know much about this. This is the same ROM that use in ZX Next but NextOS can load ZX81 program from DivMMC.

I think it doesn't support "modern" Zeddies.
The Omni-ZX81 ROM is at address 50000-5FFFF of U2 (29F040), if you want to change the ROM.

Here is technical about DivMMC
Originally Posted by Black_Cat View Post

hex/dec A15 ... A0 A15 ... A0 READ WRITE
divMMC (*?)
#E7/231 xxxxxxxx11100111 xxxxxxxx11100111 - SDcontrol
#EB/235 xxxxxxxx11101011 xxxxxxxx11101011 SDSPIdata SDSPIdata

wr #E7: D0=1 - SD card#0 enable, D1=1 - SD card#1 enable
Do I understand correctly?
I have only information that both this ports work identically as on ZXMMC, only adress are different. Then D0=1 - SD card master enable, D1=1 - SD card slave enable.

Originally Posted by Black_Cat View Post
Well, and how to manage paging ROM/RAM ?
Memory paging port is compatible with port #E3 from original DIVIDE. Only next ram pages are pageable on other unused pins of this port.

Here is paging port #E3 of original DIVIDE:
D0-D1 = 8kB ram page 0-3
D2-D5 = unused
D6 = bit mapram
D7 = bit conmem

And here is paging port #E3 of DIVMMC:
D0-D5 = 8kB ram page 0-63 (for full 512kB memory)
D6 = bit mapram
D7 = bit conmem

Functionality of memory paging, layout and mapping is (supposedly) compatible with DIVIDE interface. Only more ram is usable.
All old DIVIDE systems with IDE access are on DIVMMC unusable, because IDE ports here not exist. Only ESXDOS system exist for DIVMMC.

Theoretically is possible use DIVMMC (with open jumper "FLASH") use as SD interface compatible with ZXMMC, only with different port. On +2A or +3 models can be after small modification used +3E rom(old version for ZXMMC) with DIVMMC (only rewrite number of two ports in +3e rom)
And this is a link for ZXMMC that DivMMC copy how to interface wirg SD from it, DivMMC just change port address.

I hope this help, I don't know much about software.


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Re: ZX Omni

Beitrag von superfo » 26.01.2019, 21:14

"My apologies for insulting you. I must have mixed this up. Now I remember having mailed with you about the Nuvo which was informative and very convenient.
I am sorry."

Hi Paul, don't worry.

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Re: ZX Omni

Beitrag von msch » 08.05.2019, 14:57

Es gibt nun ordentliche Aluminium Brackets für den Omni Laptop:
omni-brackets.jpg (63.46 KiB) 1109 mal betrachtet
https://retroradionics.co.uk/shop.html# ... /138168713
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