ZEsarUX beta 5.1

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ZEsarUX beta 5.1

Beitrag von chernandezba » 29.05.2017, 22:49


I have just uploaded today a new beta version of ZEsarUX.
Binaries are for Linux, Mac, Windows and Raspberry (raspbian)

You may download it from
https://sourceforge.net/projects/zesaru ... _versions/

Changelog is:
Added machine Chrome (Italian ZX Spectrum Clone)
Added menu movement with mouse
Added Visualmem, Poke, Find, Save binary menus also for Sinclair QL
Added setting to test configuration
Added remote commands: get-audio-buffer-info, get-machines, save-binary-internal, set-machine, set-window-zoom
Added QL GUI Style
Added menu to find and set lives in games
Added actions commands to breakpoints, so you can run some actions when a breakpoint is fired
Added up to three AY Chips
Added emulation of other DAC chips appart from Specdrum: Covox, etc
Added setting to set 256kb or 512kb on Spectrum 128k machines
Added setting to set F keys (F1, F2, etc) to run different actions: reset, nmi, exit emulator, etc
Added TBBlue Sprite chip emulation
Improved TBBlue emulation: 1 MB RAM
Fixed turbo mode and breakpoints. Breakpoints were disabled when changing turbo mode
Fixed latency problems on all audio drivers
Fixed AY sound bugs when volume levels where > 15
Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

I hope you like it
Oh just remembered it... it allows a experimental LBYTES command on QL, it's still beta and I'm working to get also LRUN working ;)


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Re: ZEsarUX beta 5.1

Beitrag von Luzie » 25.07.2017, 19:17

Neue ZEsarUX 5.1 Beta (BETA-24072017) seit gestern. Die Änderungen betreffen hauptsächlich esxDOS Handler und Spectrum Next Emulation:

(Info aus Facebook):

César Hernández Bañó:

Yesterday I uploaded a new ZEsarUX beta version. Starting with this version, folders: docs, media, snap_tests have been moved to a "extras package". So, the main download have been reduced to 5 MB aprox, and all these extras can be downloaded apart from the main package. The git repository still holds all the files (extras have been moved to folder "extras"), but maybe in the future I will remove them also from the repo.

The other main change in this version is the ESXDOS handler. Now ESXDOS file operations can be done with files stored on your computer hard disk, and not only on virtual mmc/ide files. Examples can be found on extras/media/spectrum/esxdos_handler/ . "Classic" mmc/ide emulation by using virtual mmc/ide files can also be used
Other changes:

-Moved mmc/ide files location to extras/media/disk_images folder
-Improved stdout driver. Now can show ansi colours

You can download it from the usual beta url:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/zesaru ... _versions/