BiggOil - a new action game by Sir Morris

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BiggOil - a new action game by Sir Morris

Beitrag von SirMorris » 13.04.2018, 17:57

Happy Friday Zeddy Friends!

Here's a new game that I've just completed. It's my satirical take on Oil's Well, from back in the day. It's a frantic action game coded in 100% pure Z80.

Manoeuvre your digging head around the oil filled tunnels under the peaceful village and remove the pure black profit from under the feet of the locals. Avoid the pesky profit-destroying EU safety regulations at all costs! They'll pop your pipe and you'll have to stop to make repairs. Safety last!

QAOP moves the head - and if you need to avoid regulations in a hurry press fire. This retracts the pipe sharpish. You can redefine the controls as you wish. Press R on the title screen as instructed.

The game runs in 16K on a standard zeddy. If you have a Zon-X compatible sound setup such as Mr.X or Zon-x or ZXpand+/AY then by all means use it - you'll be rewarded with music by our very own Yerzmyey, and sound effects by our very own me. If you have a joystick attached to a ZXpand class peripheral you can use that too.

As always the source code is up on github.

Enjoy :D
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